The fact of passing away is really costly and we know it. Maybe you can think it doesn’t go with you, as when you die, the others will have to take care of the problem. But the point is that the others are often members of your family who will have to disburse the nothing despicable amount of around 4.000 € , to face up to the funeral expenses. In case you are a resident in Spain but your country of origin and family are thousands of kilometers away, they need to bear the cost of the repatriation fees. Then, owning a funeral insurance which includes this cover, can become a great relief in such an afflictive situation. I am going to tell you about it in the following essay.
Imagine for a moment what the story of any of the nearly four million residents in Spain could be, perhaps your own story: your age, the reasons why you decided to come, what your life here is like, what really worries you, your future projects… Now I’m just going to tell you about a young Colombian man who lived in Mallorca and whose affair was published in press a few years ago.


Brahiar’s story


Brahiar left Colombia when he was very young and in order to look for a better future. He settled in Mallorca where he worked as screen assembler in a hotel. He was 23 and shared a flat with a friend of his. One day, both friends went for a walk to one of the sea creeks in Manacor. Another friend joined them and took some photos while they were standing on one of the rocks of that creek.
The fatality happened, and a three meters high wave took them ahead, and were swallowed by the sea. Their lifeless bodies were found three days later.
This loss was not only a huge pain for his family, but also a problem for which they weren’t ready : repatriating their son’s corpse to Colombia, supposed a cost of around 8.000€ . Money that they didn’t own, and they had to ask for through the means of communication in order to get it.
The death insurance for foreign residents, is a very valuable help in these moments, as all the repatriation fees are covered. I’m going to explain it more carefully.


How much costs to repatriate a corpse?


Overcoming the mourning process due to the loss of a beloved person, implies that the relatives can dispose of the corpse, not only to verify the death, but to be able to give the last goodbye in a dignified way; as well as offering a ceremony or tribute with all his kith and kin together, a place where the human remains can repose and be visited whenever the family wish.
So, when death happens thousands of kilometers away from the country of origin, moving the body turns into a serious impediment for a lot of families. At present, the average cost of repatriating a corpse to the country of origin is around 3.000€ . In absence of an insurance which covers this expense, the dead’s family must run with these costs.



What advantages has the Death Insurance for foreign residents?


The repatriation service to the home town is the main advantage. This service covers the expenses of coffin or human ashes transfer and all the required formalities to carry it out. Please notice that the fact of conditioning the body for the journey, entails a series of specific conservation requirements for the proper transfer, which have to be defrayed by the family if there is no insurance policy.
Can you get an idea about how many managements must be done in order to repatriate a corpse? Issue of the medical death certificate, notifications to the correspondent embassy as well as to the family, processing of the formal request for transfer, request of visas and licenses needed, and an endless paperwork which are a waste of money and time and need a minimum knowledge about the working of the administration.
If knowing about the running of the administration , is a real headache for any Spanish citizen, who is used to using it, you can guess how complex it could be for a foreign resident.
And now is when I would like to remark on something: the point is not only to get covered the expenses for the transfer of the deceased to the home town, but to have the assurance that the proper professional will be in charge of all the administrative management in the most efficient way.


Complementary coverages


When contracting, you can choose the option of incineration instead of inhumation. In this case, the Death Insurance for foreign residents, includes a cremation service and the transfer of those ashes to the country of origin, the urn as well as the air ticket.

A return air ticket can also be optionally requested for the accompanist, who won’t have to pay for the journey to pick up the corpse or ashes and take them up to the country of birth.
I would like to point that with the Mapfre Death Insurance for foreign residents, you can also apply for the testamentary management service, with which you can make the will with no additional cost and cover the administrative expenses for the notary too.
To sum up, I will tell you that the fact of owning this insurance will avoid the dead’s family the agony of not having the corpse or ashes by them because of being unable to face the repatriation expenses.
Remember you can contact with me in order to ask whatever you need. I will help you personally to understand any doubt and to make the most suitable decision.


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